Saturday, 6 February 2010

Petershill v Kirkintilloch Rob Roy

Petershill Park

View towards stand at half time

Main stand


Rabs move down the wing

Peasy No9 tries some fancy footwork

Another high ball

Rabs goalie at full stretch

Where's the ball?

Full Time.

Shaking hands

Petershill FC 1 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy 4

A grey day in Springburn for this West of Scotland Super Premier league match. Peasy looked out of sorts from the start & Rob Roy's superior pace and less convoluted approach paid off, as they went in at half time 3-0 up. Petershill changed things about in the 2nd half and things improved for them. They started to carve out chances and managed to bag a goal. They were a little stretched though and Rabs capped off a good day by sticking a fourth, decisive goal away with about five minutes to go.

Three G's.

Game - (3/5) Rob Roy were clinical, physical and pacy, taking advantage of Petershill's defensive deficiencies with frightening regularity. The game turned around in the 2nd half a bit, but it was too little, too late. Peasy seemed happy to move forward at a snails pace in the 1st half, trying to thread the ball through a packed Rabs defence with zero success. Rob Roy on the other hand ripped into Petershill every time they won the ball in midfield, making them suffer on three occassions. Charles Reep would have loved this match.

Ground - (4/5) Having watched games at the old Petershill Park, the new ground does seem to lack something in character, but that's not to say it isn't worth visiting. The backdrop of Glasgow tenements and high rise flats is similar to it's predecessor, and the view of the game from the stand is very good. A wander over to the dugouts on the other side of the park at half time provided the opposite, with the big perspex benches getting in the way, even on the top step of the shallow terracing. Curious note. Spectators watching the game at the fence in front of the stand are asked to move on so as not to obcure the view of anyone in the stand. Fair enough, but from what I could tell, there were damn few sitting in the first few rows of the stand. Not because they are undesireable seats mind, but simply because a great many of them no longer exist. In fact, it saddened me to see just how many seats in a stand that's barely three years old have been destroyed.

Wear & tear? Vandalism?

Grub - (4/5) Very good. The sausage rolls were pretty decent, and very cheap. Three sausage rolls, two cans of coke & a packet of crisps came to less than four quid.

I hope that was the right price, cos I came away with the nagging feeling we might have been under-charged.......

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