Thursday, 3 December 2009

Firhill In The Fog

Hello! In the absence of anything approaching activity on this blog, I decided the shots I took last weekend at Firhill would be worthy of being popped up. The fixture was Partick Thistle v Inverness Caley Thistle and the final score was a dramatic 2-1 for the Glasgow Jags. A goal down within ten minutes and seemingly unable to find a man in red & yellow to pass to for the 1st 45, The Jags changed gear after the break and got their act together to stick two passt ICT.

It must be stated that there is a general lack of coverage on this blog from Firhill, odd considering they are the team closest to my heart. One day I intend to do a proper Firhill piece, with shots of the grounds many fascinating features and a potted history. Until that day, I hope these low-res, but atmospheric shots will do.

Anyway, I promise I'll get off my increasingly flabby buttocks at some point this winter/spring and do a few more grounds. Easter Road, Tynecastle, Meadowbank, New Petershill & Somerset Park are all on the radar.


Half time, and the fog has descended

Getting hard to see what's going on now.....

Happy Jags head home after a fine victory.

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