Saturday, 31 May 2008

Barrfields Park, Largs

Home of Largs Thistle and a ground I first visited as a nine year old. It was a week long summer holiday in Largs and my family were living in rented accomodation along at the other end of Brisbane Road. My brother and I had discovered the ground in our wanderings and decided it was the perfect backdrop for acting out our footballer fantasies. Access to the ground was fairly easy, I don't think there were any fences stoopping you getting in as there are now. Even at the time, I was quite impressed with it, the bowl shape terrace, the big enclosure with benches...........

I returned there today, with weather that wouldn't have looked out of place back in that scorching June week in 1985. I had actually intended to go and watch Ardrossan Winton Rovers, but I was a bit late out of the old wanking chariot and would have missed half the game. Instead I headed to the end of the line and spent the day in Largs. The weather had brought out the masses and it was nice to hit the peaceful backstreets and rediscover this rather excellent ground. In shape and size, it's not unlike Adamslie Park, with curved terrace and a perimiter track. On closer inspection, the corrugated iron shed has obviously seen better days, but it's barrel roof form and red and white pain job looked brilliant against the deep blue sky and made for some cracking photos. As I mentioned, the gates were locked, so once again I had to content myself with shots into a ground through a fence. I'm hoping to make a game here next season and I'll get some decent shots of the ground.

In fact, I'm hoping to make a fair few Junior games next season, and if possible, document the rise of new junior stadia such as Petershill, Rutherglen Glencairn, Rob Roy and a few others, but only if I can get out my scratcher before 11am.................. ;)

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