Friday, 4 January 2008

Station Park, Forfar

Main Stand and home terracing
Bridie/Pie stall and away terrace from enclosure
Main Stand
Terracing, almost empty.........

I took this trip a few years ago, on a whim really, just to do something and get out of the house. Caught the train to Dundee, then a bus to Forfar, took some photos, fumed silently at Partick Thistle's ineptitude as they fumbled their way to a 0-0 draw against a team of part-timers, had a few pints in a local pub then went home. The ground itself is one of my favourites. It sits in lovely Angus countryside, it's smart and tidy, modern even (compared to the shanty-like feel of some places) You can wander where you please, and I wish I had done, I might have got some more varied shots. It's also home to the famous Forfar Bridie. It's likely that you'll have to make do with a pie though, as the Bridies get snapped up in jig time. It's no big deal though, the pies are cracking too.


The Birdwatcher said...

Its a bit like watching Buxton. Only without the crowd.

iLL Man said...

I'd say theres about 600 people there. That's a decent turnoutat Forfar.

Malc said...

Enjoyed the pix. Look forward to more later in the season.

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