Saturday, 3 April 2010

Hearts V Hamilton Academicals (Feb 21 2010)

The Gorgie & Wheatfield stands in silhouette as the sun flashes through the steel tubing that links the two structures with the flood lighting
The main stand. An Archibald Leitch apparently. No gable though.

The Roseburn stand on the right houses the away support.

From the lower tier of the main stand. In spite of what the SPL says, standing is allowed at SPL games, or rather, a blind eye is turned. Or am I getting this the wrong way around?
They don't mind you standing, as long as there's a bucket seat in front of you.
I'll bear that in mind next time I get crushed by fifty Jambo mad lads when the home team scores and they make their way over myself and the girls who sell draw tickets in an attempt to gesticulate at the opposition support. I'll bear that in mind when someone goes arse over tit and breaks their neck.
Ah yes, all seater football stadia. A concept that can only have been conceived and implemented by someone who has never been to a football match in their puff, or worse, had only ever attended cricket & rugby matches.
The game itself? A straightforward 2-0 win for Hearts. Accies looked reasonably threatening, from what I recall, but a couple of cracking goals from Obua & Templeton and an imperssive showing from Ryan Stevenson, newly signed from Ayr United capped the day for the home side.


Falkirk FC Historian said...

Did you never go to the mecca that was Brockville?

iLL Man said...

I did. A midweek cup game in the late eighties with my dad. Lost on penalties as I recall. Sat in the main stand. Atmosphere was, from memory, extremely good.

For an idea of what modern stadia with terracing can be like, check out Burton Albion's ground.....

Falkirk FC Historian said...

Nice [the Pirelli Stadium], however, even though I do look back with nostalgia, I have to admit that age means that I do like to sit down during a match these days. It comes to us all.

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