Saturday, 9 February 2008

Scottish Football Grounds At The Turn Of The 1980's

Not sure who to thank for this. God? Buddha? Bill Shankly? Whatever, it would seem that some bright chap wandered the grounds of Scotland in 1980 with his cine-camera and documented the nick of pro football grounds of the day. I reccomend you turn yr sound off to watch these clips, the music added onto them is pointless. They are after all cine-film and will always be better without the added soundtrack.

Some observations. I had no idea Ibrox was modernised by 1980. It looks like only the stand opposite the main stand was still to be constructed. Glebe Park looks like a tidy Junior ground, though it now sports a lovely new bucket seat stand behind one of the goals. Stenhousmuir's ground seems to have changed the most. I could be wrong, but it looks like the whole ground has been budged round 180 degrees, with the old pavillion style stand replaced with a lower, sleeker modern piece of equipment. A 'compare & contrast piece would be a good idea I think.

Anyway, theres enough in that link to keep even the biggest groundhopper geek going .

British Football Grounds In 1979-80



Jamie said...

Really like the site illman. Found it on my referals list on sitemeter. Thanks for the link and have added one form my site to yours.

These videos are superb. It is like a trip back in time. Can't quite make my mind up what they have done with the ground at Ochilview. There are some superb old stands that have pulled down in the past 28 years! :(

iLL Man said...

Thanks Jamie. I didn't think anyone else did this sort of blog, but I got a surprise when I found yours.......... =O Theres about a months reading in yours and other peoples blogs. Oh, just to say, I love yr Meadowbank photos. Cheers!

Thanks for the link as well mate, always appreciated. The site as it stands will be, as the tagline states, a rather random affair. I've got a fair bit of stuff stored, but new trips will be infrequent.

The videos are awesome. I think the old main stand at Ochilview might have been on the opposite touchline to the new one. The new stand replaced the covered terracing, I'm sure of it. The old stand looks really smart in that clip, it must have fallen into some dis-repair by the mid-late nineties to be hauled down and replaced with, well, nothing..........

Jamie said...

Thanks illman! It is good to read about your trips around the juniors in the West. Meadowbank is a great Stadium and I am looking forward to a few midweek Edinburgh City Home games before the end of the season.

I think you are right about Ochilview. I was trying to spot the Ochil hills to help me get my bearings.

Will Gibson said...

Glad you liked all my film, shot across one week in Autumn 1980 originally on cine then, after I put it together, transferred to video with help. Music was just to liven up 36 grounds in 30 minutes. Many Scottish grounds have gone. Its on DVD now for everyone to see more widely, professionally enhanced thanks. I just didn't get to all English Grounds at the time. Enjoy. Will.

iLL Man said...

Cheers Will. Regarding the music, I understand totally. Forgive my rudeness...... :)

The clips are a brilliant document and I will look out for the DVD.



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