Monday, 11 February 2008

Kirkintilloch Rob Roy: Keep On Running

In 'the paddock'. The old lad in the bunnet thought I was taking a photo of my pie. Maybe I should have, they weren't bad. I was just looking at the back display on the camera, but I didn't have the heart to correct him as he was busy telling all and sundry around him about my strange antics.........

Between the ages of four and a half and ten and a half, I went to school in the town of Kirkintilloch, about half an hours drive from Glasgow. My father had a motorcycle dealership there and half my childhood was spent around Eastside and the Cowgate. Every year, the school would hold a sports day at Adamslie Park, and it would be my duty to run like bow legged fool for thirty seconds, before spending the rest of the day sitting in the sun and taking in the bizarre atmosphere.

Back then, there was an old stand on one side of the pitch, up on an embankment. It's away now and the ground looks no worse for it's abscence. The pitch is ringed by a small perimeter track and a shallow, curving terrace, with a few benches dotted about here and there so the older lads can have a seat and enjoy the sunshine. All very nice. Theres an impressive pavillion, with a stretch of open terrace to it's right, and a shed to it's left, both being fairly deep. The size of the place is impressive, a big pitch, loads of room, tidy too. The pies are cheap and tasty, though the bogs are beyond primitive.
Anything else?
Oh, yeah, Rabs are on the move. They have a new modern ground in the pipeline, to be built not far from Adamslie. Very nice. Hopefully a new social club can be built too, the old Adamslie Social was pulled down some years back and Lord alone knows how they got by without it............

The game finished as a 3-1 victory for Rob Roy. Maryhill made the worst possible start by getting their keeper sent off in the opening minutes. In spite of this, they scored first and when the inevitable Rob Roy equaliser appeared, it looked like there would be more. In the 2nd half, Rabs turned the screw, but a combination of an in form goalie, solid defending and woeful finishing saw to it that with only 15 minutes left, it was still 1-1. Maryhill lost a defender due to some sort of illness not long into the 2nd half, but the final twist was a 2nd sending off which ensured Rob Roy couldn't help but pick up the points, bagging two in the last ten minutes.

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