Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Petershill Park, Old and New

The sun sets on the old ground

Lost and almost gone. Theres a new ground being built for Petershill FC, but I was a little late in getting round to recording the old one. It's all but demolished now. All that remains is a little bit of terrace and the clubhouse/pavillion. A big thanks to the two lads from the club who let me wander round for a few minutes and take these shots. The old ground was big by Scottish Junior Football standards, and it once held a crowd of almost 20,000 people. It had unfortunately gone to seed a bit and was looking more than just a little tired at the end of it's life. History and shots of the ground pre demolition can be found here and here

New ground situated a few hundred yards away. This looks like a stand/facilities/social club type of thing. Not sure what else is intended to be added, other than a pitch and goals. Best of luck to 'Peasy' anyway, look forward to seeing some games there soon.

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